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On Demand Custom Solutions

CLICK-KIT is the world’s first on-demand production model for sportswear brands. It is the first truly win-win model in the industry: for your brand, your retailers, and your consumers.


The traditional production model for sports apparel proposes limitations to brands: Long timelines between ordering and in-store launch, wasted stock due to size and MOQ requirements, and conservative ordering to reduce risk. Our CLICK-KIT production model produces orders on-demand which results in an unlimited inventory available to your brand, your retailers, and your consumers.




We bring on-demand to your brand in 4 simple steps. 1) We identify key SKUS from your total collection to be produced on-demand. 2) At our own BIG factory, we produce customizable versions of these products. 3) We integrate the CLICK-KIT platform- both software and production facility. 4) Finally, we chose key retail outlets to host your own Fitting Studio and Customization Pod.


Consumers browse offline and buy online. The CLICK-KIT Fitting Studio allows brands to capitalise on the trend and eliminates the need to carry excess stock. A low

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footfall pop up in your store allows customers to try a fitting sample and then order their customised gear on your brand’s dedicated CLICK-KIT platform.


In 2016, a mountain biking brand, approached us with a dream: to grow their business from a two-man operation in rural New Zealand to a global brand with a full range of products. We worked with the founder to install an on-demand production process targeting new consumers in the USA and APAC. The brand was the first brand in the MTB category to introduce a fully custom short and jersey offering using the CLICK-KIT solution which we created and launched for the brand.

“We started our mountain biking business in the back of our house in Rotorua, New Zealand 14 years ago. Now, we are a global brand poised to launch in the USA and grow our revenue 3 times over.”

Gary Sullivan, Founder NZO