CLICK-KIT is the only market place dedicated to sport equipment customisation, connecting your personal style with the brands you know and trust. 

CLICK-KIT was born from a dream : creating an online place where everyone (club, team, coaches, individuals, local retailers) could instantly find any kind of sport equipment from the best sport brands and customize them easily with their own colours and logos. 

CLICK-KIT is now a reality : 

Everyone can create amazing designs from the best sport brands in just a few clicks.

No endless emails, no hidden costs, no complex design brief to provide, no communication misunderstanding.

This is simple, intuitive, straightforward and you are in control.

The CLICK-KIT INSPIRATION BOARD means that you don't need to be Picasso to design a piece of great looking kit. Browse through a huge selection of existing colour mood boards, and pick which one you love. The system will generate a colour-matched collection in under 5 seconds. 

The CLICK-KIT TEAM SHOP allows you to share your design with your team mates and lets them select their size and pay on line. No more chasing your teammates for the cash they owe you! 

The CLICK-KIT market place is for every team, club, sport association, school squad looking to instantly create high quality personalised custom kits from the best brands.


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